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HTML 5 Game Development

HTML5 is markup language used mainly for structuring contents in the web. One of the main advantages of HTML 5 games are that they are cross-compatible and can work on any platform of choice. However, thoughts should be put on while developing a game so that it will look perfect on all the devices with equal perfection.

The HTML 5 games that we develop follow does the same so that users can enjoy their game despite device or platform. Since the games are cross-compatible when it comes to HTML 5 games. Development money will be less compared to its counterparts.

Key features of our platform includes,

  • Responsive web games
  • Customizable themes
  • Links of the game can be easily distributed across the internet
  • Quick product delivery
  • Cross device and platform compatible
  • Highly customizable to include your branding and identity
  • Available in 2D and 3D format