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Cocos2dx Game Development

Cocos2dx is an open source game development platform that has been used extensively for fun and interactive games. Cocos2dx game engine is considered to be a cost-effective solution for developing games in both Android and on IOS. What makes it a perfect solution is that it has a extensive online form support from its users on the internet.

Games that we develop on the Cocos2dx game engine has put the use of all these features so that the game will work seamlessly only on all platform with ease. The games that we develop on the Cocos2dx game engine are of high quality and filled with a lot of features that can attract users.

Key features of our platform includes,

  • World’s first open-source gaming platform written in C++
  • Supports IPhone x screen resolution
  • Cross platform compatible
  • The games developed in Cocos2dx will be light weight and fast