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Solitaire Game Development

Solitaire Game that we developed without any doubt is one of the best in India. Our Game development team has made sure that the iconic game retains all its glory in newer attire, incorporated into the latest environment.

Solitaire is a straight forward game, the exact reason why a lot of people love it. Also known as Klondike and Patience solitaire has been made famous since it was incorporated to the Windows OS as the default game.

The cards in the game are highly customizable by the users and the gaming environment that our developers have made is incredible and will meet the graphics standards of any solitaire game in the world.

The game is packed with features such as,

  • Arrange card option
  • Free undo option
  • Times mode
  • Auto complete
  • Personal stats
  • Right and left deal layouts
  • Random deal or winning deal
  • Daily challenges
  • Winning animations
  • Impeccable graphics