Hybrid Casual Games: The Latest Trend in Mobile Gaming Industry

Hybrid casual games are the latest trending area in the field of mobile game development. Leading Mobile game companies like Voodoo, who is one of the pioneers in hypercasual game development believe that hybrid casual games are the next game-changers. With the competition increasing among mobile game companies to create the best titles for players around the world, hybrid casual games can be a genre that offers engagement to players in multiple terms. 

What are Hybrid Casual Games?

Hybrid casual games are a genre where the game’s core is hypercasual while there is a meta-layer that consist of gameplay ranging from casual to mid-core games. And as the name suggests they tend to be exhibit a hybrid nature of two different genres, that offers a unique gameplay experience for players.

For example, a game has core gameplay related to a single genre( RPG, puzzle etc.) and can attract a target audience, with easy gameplay. Adding another layer of a different genre (strategy, idle etc.) brings in mid-core features to the game and better monetization benefits. 

Differences between Hyper-casual and Hybrid casual games?

Hypercasual games are highly popular for their swift and easy mechanics. While hybrid casual games add more mid-core gameplay elements, increasing player retention.

Hybrid casual games add medium/ long term goals and rewards to the game, while hypercasual games have short term goals and short rewards.

The Popular Hybrid Casual game Combinations

Puzzle and RPG

As individual genres, puzzle and RPG games have a large fan following. Puzzle game is a popular casual gaming genre and adding an RPG layer to the game, attracts audiences from both genres, offering more engagement and increasing player retention time. Also, the RPG genre adds monetization value in the form of collectable goods, subscriptions etc.

Idle and RPG

Games with idle mechanics are popular for features like easy gameplay and stable game progress even in the player’s absence. Idle and RPG genre combinations can assure engaging gameplay and more monetization options.  

4X Strategy and Puzzle

4X Strategy is a common technique used in many games. Features like managing resources, building troops, expansion of territories are part of 4x strategy games. Adding a puzzle game as a combination to a 4x strategy game can help to attract a  wider audience and offers a new experience to the players.   

RPG and Strategy

It is the most perfect combination in a hybrid casual game. RPG and strategy games have a natural flow to be combined into a single game. An RPG game is complemented by a strategic meta layer that adds more mid-core gameplay features to the game and engages the players to spend more time in the game.

What are the monetary benefits of hybrid casual games and how they are gonna be the trendsetters?

Hybrid casual games offer different monetization options by linking free to play and ad- options along with in-app purchases to enhance the revenue. According to industry statistics, the hyper-casual games market has grown by 104 per cent and has attained the $3 billion mark in the year 2020. New genres like hybrid casual games will have new possibilities with mobile game companies exploring and developing in this segment.

Android Game Development or in general Mobile Game Development is one of the all-time hottest areas with many mobile game companies focusing on delivering high quality and unique gaming solutions for the world market. Hybrid casual games will be the next big thing in the mobile gaming arena as they seem to have a steady and progressive future.

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How Parents Can Keep Their Children Safe Online

We cannot keep the kids of the digital age away from the digital elements. No matter how much effort you put to keep them away from modern gadgets they will find their way to it. So the best and effective way can be to guide them to stay safe in the digital world.
Parents are the ones who become role models for these kids. The way you interact with these gadgets will be copied by them. So it is the responsibility of every parent to become a good role model for the kids. But do you know how to keep your kids safe online? If not, you have to carefully note down some key factors or methods that are explained in this blog.

1. Talk to Your Child
The first and maybe the most important thing you need to do is to talk to your child. Make them feel comfortable and ask them about their experience in the online world. Once they feel free to talk they will share how are they utilizing the online platforms. They may pass some piece of knowledge that even you may not have heard of. If you find they are becoming influenced by a platform that won’t be useful for them you can make them understand the related problems of using it. So have regular conversations with your kid on the internet and its uses on a regular basis.

2. Help them on Social Media Platforms
It won’t be a surprise to know that your child has got an account on all social media platforms. He may even have more than one account which he might be hiding from you. The best thing you can do is to help them with social media. This is because when you introduce the features of each platform they feel guided and they might interact with you easily.

3. Know their Gaming Interests
Gaming is also an important aspect that keeps children engaged online. There are so many useful educational games that can help children learn. But unfortunately, kids are more attracted to games that show violent nature. There are so many cases reported regarding the reality of video games and screen addition problems. Try to change their gaming categories as there are several other genres in which they can find interest and are less harmful to their mental development.

4. Become their Role Models
Always remember that you are the role model for your child. Your child may be closely observing how much time you are spending time with your mobile phone and laptop. Eventually, without getting care and attention from his parents he too will develop a dependency on gadgets. So if that happens you only will be the sole reason for the cause. Be very conscious when you use your smart devices in front of your children. They learn how to use these gadgets from you and they spent time on it as you do. Follow good principles by yourself and then become role models.

5. How to Safeguard Privacy Online
Social Media and other online platforms are fun but often we forget to safeguard our personal details. We become so involved in it and go on revealing our day-to-day activities to the public. Teach your kids about the pricavy policies of each handles and the risks involved.

6. Observe their Screen time
Even though we have talked to them on how to use online platforms, it is recommended to note their screen time. Not just to track their activity but it also destroys their eyesight. Fix their screen times and make them understand that more than that can be harmful to their health.

7. Make Use of Parental Controls
Make use of the facilities available to control the activities of your kids on mobile devices. There are several content filters that can restrict children from accessing unwanted websites. You can set parental control on all your devices that are used by your kids.
You cannot and should not restrict your kids from making use of the advanced technologies available for them. As a parent, what you can do is guide them through the right way to practice these faciltiies.
Follow each of the points carefully by maintaining a good parent-child relationship. Make the online world a better space for learning and entertainment for both you and your kids.
Share your experiences with us. If you are interested in gaming and updates do check out our blogs.

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What is iGaming – the present or the future of the industry?

EduciGaming is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world with huge revenue returns. It is a fact that this stream is going to be an essential part of the gaming industry in the coming future. The recent technological advancements and especially the enhancement of Internet operations globally have contributed to the growth of this gaming field.

What is iGaming?

iGaming is an online gaming activity where a player bets on the outcome of a live event like a football match but it is not limited to sports betting. It has a wide range of options like poker betting, online casino betting etc. 

iGaming is a leading revenue-generating business with dedicated hubs across the world. Even though the industry has fallouts with governments in some regions regarding their respective rules and regulations, the industry is gaining momentum to be one of the lead bearers of online gaming.

Why iGaming?

Technical advancement is one of the main reasons for the growth of the iGaming industry. Gamers all around the world are looking for user-friendly and engaging gaming options accessible at any time and anywhere. This is also a reason that triggers the popularity of iGaming.

The traditional casino gaming experience and thrilling moments can be experienced within your mobile device in a better and advanced way. The industry is expanding the possibilities of online casino gaming focusing on providing the players with a gameplay experience equal to that of real-time casinos.

Today Mobile gaming offers highly competitive graphics, animations and SFX compared to PC or console gaming options. The iGaming industry is focusing on this aspect as there is a growing demand for apps dedicated to online betting that offers bonuses and attractive prizes compared to traditional casinos.

Adapting to the latest trends

Staying competent in the industry is of high priority as many leading iGaming software providers are trying to incorporate recent trends to attract more users. For example slot games have been developed with a wide range of themes, intriguing animations and effective SFX. Also other games like Blackjack, poker and roulette have different customized variations made available for the players.

The use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and advanced technology like Blockchain is promoted by iGaming providers as more secure and viable options for ensuring a robust and advanced gaming environment for players.

iGaming: The Future

iGaming is going to be the future or next-generation gaming concept as it blurs the boundaries of space and time. Enjoying a game at a casino or making bets at a live sports event is now possible within your living room using a smartphone.

These platforms will soon offer more features and lead the gaming industry with their magnanimous player base and revenue-generating capacity. Surely, iGaming will be the next big leap that will initiate a new era of gaming!

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Top Game Engines of 2021

Choosing the right game engine for your game project depends on factors like:

  • The kind of game you intend to make
  • Is it 2D or 3D
  • Are you a beginner or professional
  • Resources you would need

Deciding on the above-listed variables may help you to choose the right game engine for your project. Here are the best game engines for 2021,

Unreal Engine 

Owned by Epic Games, Unreal is one of the most popular and widely used game engines. The game engine uses real-time technology to convert ideas into engaging visual content. It is open-source like many other game engines. The unreal game engine is an able option to handle complicated tasks with ease. The visual blueprinting feature available within the game engine even helps non -programmers to develop games.

Experienced developers can modify the game engine to create a unique gaming experience for players. By acquiring Quixel, Epic games have access to an asset library of real-world imagery for creating video games. Unreal game engine users will also have access to Quixel’s bundled tools and library assets for free.

Adding assets to your game is easy with the marketplace offering free assets. Unreal is most suited for large scale gaming projects and projects demanding a large team. Unreal Engine 5 ( UE5) early access is out for free download, with the full version coming later in 2021 or early 2022.


Unity is one of the most widely used game engines supporting 2D and 3D game development. It is also a popular choice for AR and VR development. The all in one editor feature makes it compatible with all platforms Windows, Mac, Linux, Android etc.

The Unity game engine has a user-friendly interface making it easy for game development. The Unity asset store offers both free and payable assets. The game engine also has a very active community of followers.  

Unity engine is free for personal use. The licensed version of the game engine is costly but offers more features. Also, Unity brings frequent updates for users and, they must follow the regular updates not to miss the latest features.


A free to use game-engine from Crytek, with all features available without license fees. The game has a reputation for creating photorealistic games (great visuals) and FPS games. With access to the source code, studios can modify the game engine according to their needs.

For example, Ubisoft uses an in house modified version of the CryEngine for their popular FARCRY game series. The game engine also provides a rich set of tools, VR functionality and a good support network.

The Cryengine marketplace introduced in 2016 makes it easy to buy in-game assets. There are also plenty of learning resources available for users.

Amazon Lumberyard

Lumberyard is a free 3D cross-platform game engine offered by Amazon. It offers VR preview mode, visual scripting tools and advanced features like Script Canvas Editor, Animation editor, Real-Time Gameplay Editing etc. 

Amazon developed the engine based on CryEngine but upgraded the features like the networking code. With a lot of features added to the engine, Amazon provides tutorials to understand the working of Lumberyard.

Lumberyard provides a library of assets with the Asset Browser and also supports multiplayer game development. The integration with AWS cloud makes it easy to build games that demand online playing. The native integration with Twitch lets the game engine provide in-game engagement.


Godot is a free and open-source game engine with both 2D and 3D functionalities. The unique features like nodes and scene architecture set apart the game engine from its contemporaries.

The game engine has an active community regularly fixing bugs and adding new features. Godot uses its own script GDscript. Even though it is similar to python, adapting to the new language will be hard for developers.

And while compared to other popular game engines, it is hard to find resources for the game engine.


Phaser is a popular choice for mobile or browser-based games. The technology behind Phaser is similar to that used in web development makes it more stable even as different versions get released. The framework of the game engine is 2D based but cross-platform in nature. 

Phaser is the best HTML5 game development platform available in the market. The game engine comes out with physics and other features any engine suppose to have, making it possible to produce games like MMORPGs(Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), if done in the right way!

GameMaker Studio

GameMaker Studio is a widely supported game engine across multiple platforms due to its ‘no programming knowledge feature’.

It is the highlight of the game engine as it opens game development to anybody who wishes to create a dream game. The engine provides a drag and drop visual scripting language for users with no coding knowledge. For users with coding experience can use GameMaker language for customising their game development.

Like Phaser, it is best suited for 2D games but also supports 3D functionality with limitations. GameMaker Studio is proprietary and will not be a good option for projects with budget constraints.

If you are looking to develop a game and is confused about choosing the right game engine for your dream game, we can help you. Contact us for knowing about the best possibilities of developing a game.

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Impact of Technology in the Growth of Game Development

The growth of technology and the gaming industry go hand in hand. From the video games of the earlier to advanced gaming consoles and portable gaming devices, the gaming industry has fueled the advancement of technology and vice versa. The technical breakthroughs in the field of the game industry have been rapidly expanding with more and more gaming companies involved in utilizing these developments for creating high-quality games.

The major technological innovations that had an impact on the gaming industry across the world are ;

Voice and Facial Recognition

Voice and Facial Recognition plays an important role in gaming today. It is possible today to use your voice to control the game. Expanding the opportunities of voice control, the technology is used to control gameplay, access media library, and interact on social media.

3D facial recognition and scanning technology help to impart your expressions to a game character or create a character/avatar in your characteristics within the game. 

Improved Graphics Quality

The realistic quality has improved indeed and has given the players an amazing gaming experience. The look and feel of the games in the present period are delivered with reasonable surface quality. This expands the playtime among the players playing the game.

Controlled Gesture

Like facial recognition innovation, Intel’s 3D camera with RealSense innovation permits the players to communicate with gaming consoles and even play first individual shooting match-ups with not many hand motions. The 3D camera tracks the 22 central places of your hand. This signal control permits the players to interface their body development with the games. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR innovation is the quickest developing technology and it matches virtual items with this present reality, and it has altered the general viewpoint of the games we play. As per the new report, AR technology is said to assume a crucial part in the turn of events. All the more new players will be acquainted with the gaming business through this innovation. 

With a VR headset show, the players can get an intriguing and drawing inexperience. The augmented simulation game consoles are a great innovation that gives the players an undeniable virtual treat of the game. 

HD Display

At the point when you have unbelievable gaming illustrations, how you show them additionally ought to be of that quality. Presently practically all showcases are of superior quality. The HD show addresses the movement, shading, and picture sharpness of the game. These showcases assist you with staying away from a large portion of the accidents that occur in the more established innovations like visual curios, dropped outlines, input slacks, and so on Every player can have a distinctive goal, screen smoothings highlights, shading profundity as per their similarity. In any case, games created are all of the superior grades. 

Mobile Gaming Technology

The most intense change in the gaming business is the advancement in mobile technology. The simple availability of the gadget has revealed numerous new players to the gaming market, aside from the on the web and console gamers. What’s more, presently when contrasted with console, PC gamers-the level of versatile gamers have expanded indeed that over half of the worldwide computer game income is from portable gaming. What’s more, this will continue to increment in the years to come. 

Wearable Gaming Technology

Name it the smart glass or smartwatch, and so on, the wearable innovation is taking gaming to an alternate level. Numerous technology hotshots are planning wearable gadgets that have already entered the wellness business and are presently focusing on the gaming business. They are an expansion of the gaming consoles. 

Live Streaming 

Effectively numerous players are watching and sharing live stream games. With the on-request gaming innovation, the players would now be able to play live-transfer computer games actually like Netflix and music streaming. With the appearance of 5G innovation, the on-request gaming becomes consistent for both little and major game designers and top game improvement organizations in India. 

Cloud Gaming Technology

Cloud innovation will supplant the top of the line equipment that is needed in fostering computer games. This innovation won’t just decrease the equipment cost, yet will likewise dispose of the capacity issue that happened in the control center or plates. With cloud gaming, the players can essentially post for games on the cloud worker, here the games are transferred to the players through the web.

Technological advancements are going to be an integral part of the game development process. For anyone looking for top game development companies in India, we can assure you high-quality gaming solutions meeting the standards of the industry and at the same time, integrated technologies to provide a better gaming experience for the players.

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5 Tech Innovations in the Online Casino World

The impact of technology on the gaming industry is something we have often talked about in the past. Especially in online casino gaming, the Internet and other technological advancements have immensely contributed to its outreach among the public. Today online casinos and gaming websites are leading the gaming industry by accomodating the latest updates in the field.

Technological innovations play an essential role in the casino gaming industry. The top game development companies in India, with expertise in online casino game development, is readily following these latest trends to offer the best gaming experience to players. Some of the best technical innovations are;

Gaming Software

Readymade and custom made gaming solutions are available for online casinos today that offers the most exciting and immersive gameplay experience for the users. The game art, designs, animations, SFX are all made in top-notch quality. The gaming software also offers a hassle-free gameplay experience without technical glitches and ensures that the players return to the game more often.


The involvement of AR/VR technology is something futuristic in online casino gaming at this stage. But it offers tremendous possibilities as players can experience the live casino ambience within their privates or locations. They will be using the most advanced technology to ensure a high-quality gameplay experience for the players. 

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is one of the most preferred ways of gaming nowadays. Growing with this trend online casino gaming applications are developed for different mobile platforms like Android, iOS etc.


The payments and transactions made within online casinos are through cryptocurrency. They are slowly replacing the use of real money as payments with cryptocurrencies are easier compared to the ones with the latter. 

Live Dealer

The presence of a live dealer in an online casino game can make it more immersive for the players. This feature is part of many online casinos as players can interact with other players make live bets with dealers running the game as in a normal casino.

If you are someone interested in developing online casino games, you would probably know they have a wide market in the Asian continent and especially India. Get in touch with the best game development in India to know more about online casino game development.

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