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Top Game Engines of 2021

Choosing the right game engine for your game project depends on factors like: The kind of game you intend to make Is it 2D or 3D Are you a beginner or professional Resources you would need Deciding on the above-listed variables may help you to choose the right game engine for your project. Here are […]

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Impact of Game Development in the Growth of Technology

The growth of technology and the gaming industry go hand in hand. From the video games of the earlier to advanced gaming consoles and portable gaming devices, the gaming industry has fueled the advancement of technology and vice versa. The technical breakthroughs in the field of the game industry have been rapidly expanding with more […]

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5 Tech Innovations in the Online Casino World

The impact of technology on the gaming industry is something we have often talked about in the past. Especially in online casino gaming, the Internet and other technological advancements have immensely contributed to its outreach among the public. Today online casinos and gaming websites are leading the gaming industry by accomodating the latest updates in […]

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What is iGaming – the present or the future of the industry?

iGaming is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world with huge revenue returns. It is a fact that this stream is going to be an essential part of the gaming industry in the coming future. The recent technological advancements and especially the enhancement of Internet operations globally have contributed to the growth of this […]

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How Parents Can Keep Their Children Safe Online

We cannot keep the kids of the digital age away from the digital elements. No matter how much effort you put to keep them away from modern gadgets they will find their way to it. So the best and effective way can be to guide them to stay safe in the digital world. Parents are […]

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Reality of Video Game and Screen Addiction with Solutions

Being addicted to something is a dangerous situation. Even if it is something that is primarily used for mental relaxation, being addictive is not normal. Regardless of age group, everyone is having an increased duration of screen time. One main reason for this cause is the pandemic where everyone is forced to stay safe at […]

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How to be a gaming commentator?

To begin the profession of video game commentary, you should have an idea regarding the field of action. The work of video game commentary is something very close to passion. Only if you are truly passionate about this profession success will come close to you. In this blog, let us see how to become a […]

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Sua – The Digital Human from Unity

Digital humans are now trending and are made to serve in various fields. The aim behind the creation of digital humans is to improve the user experience on several platforms. Talking about digital humans in the gaming field, Sua is now the most trending name. Sua is a digital human developed by Unity Technologies and […]

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Factors Influencing The Best Poker Game App Development

Everything has gone digital or let me use the term online. The trend has also made its influence on casino games. Most casino game lovers have now started playing the online versions of their favourite games. There are several casino game development companies in India that have the right set of skills to develop any […]

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How To Play Indian Rummy Game

The Indian rummy game is also locally known as Paplu where it is played using 13 cards. The game gained its popularity with the introduction of card games into the online gaming world. Not only rummy but also a lot of other online card games have been developed by popular card game development companies. Rules […]

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Why Casinos Love And Fear The Baccarat Game

Baccarat is now one of the most loved casino game in the world, especially in Asia. The casinos here are making a large percentage of their revenue with this game. Casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and other major cities of Singapore have earned more than 40% from the baccarat game which previously used to be […]

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5 Most Popular Solitaire Game Variations

Klondike must be the name coming to your mind when you hear about solitaire games. It is simply one among other solitaire game variants but definitely the most popular in the category.  Most of us may be having known the game with its introduction to windows devices as a default game. With your interest in […]

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How Do Slot Machines Work – Facts and Myths

Whenever you think of a casino game, it is obvious if a slot machine comes to your mind. Slot games are so popular all over the world and 70% of casino game lovers have kept slot game as their number one choice in casino gaming. The game has a simple logic but the anticipation created […]

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Advantages of White Label Software Solutions

The term ‘White Label Solution’ is not new to anyone but still, we can look for a short definition here. It is the product or service with the name and logo of the purchaser rather than its developer. A ready to use product is sold in which the client can use his brand identity on […]

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How To Get A Job In The Game Art Field

If you are able to think about your favourite game, then it is the success of the game art. Games like Limbo, Sable, Alto’s Adventure etc, have exhibited a unique art style that keeps us close to the game. The colours used and their composition are having huge importance in the successful journey of a […]

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Benefits of Custom Game Development

Among lots of gaming categories, choosing the right one to develop a game can be a challenging task. A wise trick would be choosing a popular category and heading for custom game development. There are several benefits when you choose to make a custom game as it will have a unique identity in the industry […]

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How A Mobile App Becomes Popular

We see lots of mobile applications being released every day and its developers are struggling to make the App go viral. All kinds of services are now having mobile applications and each one tries to become No.1 in its own niche. People believe that just sharing the store link on multiple platforms like social media […]

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Different Types of Game Testing Techniques

The process of game testing has a crucial role in the entire process of game development. Only on the basis of the report generated by the testing team, it is determined whether a game is fit for launch or not. Nowadays the testing part has been well analysed as the competition in each category of […]

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Why Educational Games For Kids Are Important?

Technology has contributed immensely to the educational field by which e-learning has become the most trending and convenient way of education. Anyone can learn new things or change their career path by acquiring new skills with the help of online learning opportunities. When we talk about kids of today’s generation, they are blessed to make […]

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How A Successful Online Casino Game is Developed

Behind any successful online casino game development, there are certain factors and efforts which makes the game eligible for market competitions. The availability of the latest technology, the proficiency of the developers and the quality of the art, likewise everything contributes to this mission.  Considering the growth rate of the online casino gaming industry, the […]