May 17, 2021

Why Casinos Love And Fear The Baccarat Game

baccarat table with cards and chips

Baccarat is now one of the most loved casino game in the world, especially in Asia. The casinos here are making a large percentage of their revenue with this game. Casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and other major cities of Singapore have earned more than 40% from the baccarat game which previously used to be the slots game. The trend builds based on the chances of winning a game and in Baccarat there are more winning counts being reported. 


The Asians find the baccarat game more interesting than other casino games. This thought is mainly because here there are no such moves as ‘hitting’ or ‘standing’. We make our bets on ‘Player’, ‘Banker’ or ‘Tie’ and watch to try out our luck. The objective of the game is to get a total closer to number nine. On having a total of more than 9 the first number of the two digital drops and that makes your score, it’s that simple.

The casino dealer may be following a minimum set of instructions where the only operation from the player is to decide where to place the bet and how much to wager. In most cases, players tend to place their bets on either the player hand or the banker hand rather than the tie.

Love and Fear for Baccarat

Casinos have fear of this game because there is a high chance of winning which reduces their profit. They won’t discourage this game because this game also has the ability to bring huge profits. The only possible thing they could do is minimising the number of baccarat tables. 

One major aspect of the popularity of the baccarat game is its introduction to the online gaming world. When all the casino games came online, people were able to try out these games which in turn made them more popular.

With an online baccarat game, it is easy to try and learn the game. People hesitate to visit a live casino and risk their money in a game that they don’t know how to play. In an online baccarat game, we are awarded free coins and rewards where we can try our luck, understand the game and then become a pro in it.

As the demand for online baccarat game has increased tremendously, people have found business opportunities in the game. An experienced team of baccarat game developers can build a baccarat game that can become a crowd puller. 


Infocom Studios is a leading casino game development company in India. We have been developing casino games like baccarat for a very long time. Our team has been well included with expert designers and developers who can build you an amazing casino game. 

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