August 17, 2021

Top Game Engines of 2021

Choosing the right game engine for your game project depends on factors like:

  • The kind of game you intend to make
  • Is it 2D or 3D
  • Are you a beginner or professional
  • Resources you would need

Deciding on the above-listed variables may help you to choose the right game engine for your project. Here are the best game engines for 2021,

Unreal Engine 

Owned by Epic Games, Unreal is one of the most popular and widely used game engines. The game engine uses real-time technology to convert ideas into engaging visual content. It is open-source like many other game engines. The unreal game engine is an able option to handle complicated tasks with ease. The visual blueprinting feature available within the game engine even helps non -programmers to develop games.

Experienced developers can modify the game engine to create a unique gaming experience for players. By acquiring Quixel, Epic games have access to an asset library of real-world imagery for creating video games. Unreal game engine users will also have access to Quixel’s bundled tools and library assets for free.

Adding assets to your game is easy with the marketplace offering free assets. Unreal is most suited for large scale gaming projects and projects demanding a large team. Unreal Engine 5 ( UE5) early access is out for free download, with the full version coming later in 2021 or early 2022.


Unity is one of the most widely used game engines supporting 2D and 3D game development. It is also a popular choice for AR and VR development. The all in one editor feature makes it compatible with all platforms Windows, Mac, Linux, Android etc.

The Unity game engine has a user-friendly interface making it easy for game development. The Unity asset store offers both free and payable assets. The game engine also has a very active community of followers.  

Unity engine is free for personal use. The licensed version of the game engine is costly but offers more features. Also, Unity brings frequent updates for users and, they must follow the regular updates not to miss the latest features.


A free to use game-engine from Crytek, with all features available without license fees. The game has a reputation for creating photorealistic games (great visuals) and FPS games. With access to the source code, studios can modify the game engine according to their needs.

For example, Ubisoft uses an in house modified version of the CryEngine for their popular FARCRY game series. The game engine also provides a rich set of tools, VR functionality and a good support network.

The Cryengine marketplace introduced in 2016 makes it easy to buy in-game assets. There are also plenty of learning resources available for users.

Amazon Lumberyard

Lumberyard is a free 3D cross-platform game engine offered by Amazon. It offers VR preview mode, visual scripting tools and advanced features like Script Canvas Editor, Animation editor, Real-Time Gameplay Editing etc. 

Amazon developed the engine based on CryEngine but upgraded the features like the networking code. With a lot of features added to the engine, Amazon provides tutorials to understand the working of Lumberyard.

Lumberyard provides a library of assets with the Asset Browser and also supports multiplayer game development. The integration with AWS cloud makes it easy to build games that demand online playing. The native integration with Twitch lets the game engine provide in-game engagement.


Godot is a free and open-source game engine with both 2D and 3D functionalities. The unique features like nodes and scene architecture set apart the game engine from its contemporaries.

The game engine has an active community regularly fixing bugs and adding new features. Godot uses its own script GDscript. Even though it is similar to python, adapting to the new language will be hard for developers.

And while compared to other popular game engines, it is hard to find resources for the game engine.


Phaser is a popular choice for mobile or browser-based games. The technology behind Phaser is similar to that used in web development makes it more stable even as different versions get released. The framework of the game engine is 2D based but cross-platform in nature. 

Phaser is the best HTML5 game development platform available in the market. The game engine comes out with physics and other features any engine suppose to have, making it possible to produce games like MMORPGs(Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), if done in the right way!

GameMaker Studio

GameMaker Studio is a widely supported game engine across multiple platforms due to its ‘no programming knowledge feature’.

It is the highlight of the game engine as it opens game development to anybody who wishes to create a dream game. The engine provides a drag and drop visual scripting language for users with no coding knowledge. For users with coding experience can use GameMaker language for customising their game development.

Like Phaser, it is best suited for 2D games but also supports 3D functionality with limitations. GameMaker Studio is proprietary and will not be a good option for projects with budget constraints.

If you are looking to develop a game and is confused about choosing the right game engine for your dream game, we can help you. Contact us for knowing about the best possibilities of developing a game.

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