June 18, 2021

Reality of Video Game and Screen Addiction with Solutions

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Being addicted to something is a dangerous situation. Even if it is something that is primarily used for mental relaxation, being addictive is not normal. Regardless of age group, everyone is having an increased duration of screen time. One main reason for this cause is the pandemic where everyone is forced to stay safe at their houses.

The trend of spending time on social media channel like Facebook has now been taken over by several OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms. Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime are some of the most popular ones on the list. People spend so much time watching movies and series on these platforms.

Another aspect of increased screen time is gaming. The advanced gaming technology with high-quality graphics brings real-life elements to the game. Playing video games is not something associated just with the kids. The teenagers are so much adhered to these games spending nearly 60 hours a week on gaming.

Outcome of Increased Screen Time

Everything in moderation is fine and more than that will have side effects. All these entertainment media are mostly developed to reduce the stress of our daily lives. But what if these relaxations themselves become our greatest headache. There have been various studies that show the reaction of our brain to various inputs. Our brain provides a signal to the body to react according to each situation. When we watch a crime thriller or play a violent tone game our brain accepts it as if it is happening in reality. On the positive side, it can make us mentally strong and prepared for any adverse situation but if we become too addicted to these visuals we might enter into a very bad mental condition.

How Gaming Becomes Addictive?

When a situation comes where we postpone our important tasks for gaming then we can say the person has become additive to it. Some may have become additive but might not have recognised yet. Let us see some common symptoms which can confirm whether you are addicted to gaming or not.

Symptoms of Video Game Addiction

  1. Unable to quit playing or reduce the playtime.
  2. Depressed feeling when not playing
  3. Cutting off other activities that you once loved other than gaming.
  4. Gaming thoughts while performing work or learning.
  5. Always talking only about games.
  6. Skipping meals for gaming.
  7. Compromising sleep for gaming.

These are mostly observed symptoms of those who face gaming addiction. Most teenagers get addicted to games that fall under Role Playing Games (RPG) or Strategy games. Not all games make people addicted to gaming. There are refreshing games that can be played during work intervals for relaxation.

How to Prevent Gaming Addiction

If you find yourself addicted to video games don’t worry. By implementing some basic methods in your lifestyle you can overcome this problem. Let us see what are the steps to prevent video game addiction.

1. Limit your gaming time by seriously involving in some other activities like talking to a close friend who can understand your situation and help you with this.

2. Keep your gaming gadget away from you while you are involved in work or studies and especially while you are going to bed.

3. Start meditating or hit the gym which helps you to release the same dopamine but for an activity other than gaming.

4. Switch to simple games like casino games, brain games, card games etc which are fun and relaxing.


If you can control your mind and become disciplined there are much more effective ways that can earn profit in the gaming industry. You can contact us for game development and related enquiries anytime.

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