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Race Stars

Ignite your skills and experience the thrill of racing

Let this be a platform to enjoy the finest car racing games. You accomplish utmost pleasure by experiencing the trickiest rides and learning the prime course of control in racing. Buckle up and be on fire with these supreme car games. We have a special ride picked up for only you. Driving, parking and smashing it are your choice. Race Stars (3D) is the most awe-inspiring game. Enjoy the kick to its bursting stretch with hands-on experience taking your driving skills to the peak. An amazing collection of games at its finest, you have the ultimate control of your cars and the freedom to get to any level.


Dream high, try your best, picture your skill and take up challenging races, formulate your own record and prove your ability. Battle through the tracks, never ever leaving any trail, pocket full of money and with all cars in your garage proves your potential in driving with confidence and awe. Bash in and let speed be a nostalgia in favour of driving. Get ready to compete with the toughest rivals with coolness and assured victory. Actions prove your worth as the finest racer.

Uniqueness of the Game

Enjoin to create your specially tailored cars. Choose the finest that match your interests and craze of driving to make you the unsurpassed car racer. We can help you buy the best.

Customize to unlock more features, earn chips and use your favourite controls, in no doubt to unfasten all your much-loved cars.

Amplify into a Dashing, Dazzling Car Racer

Develop to be the superlative, challenging and iron-willed racer among all your opponents scaling the zenith, be the chosen one, unbeatable in any circumstances. Experience the adventure and excitement of a thriller without missing a chance.