May 22, 2021

How To Play Indian Rummy Game

rummy game playing cards, chips and dice on stage with bright colours

The Indian rummy game is also locally known as Paplu where it is played using 13 cards. The game gained its popularity with the introduction of card games into the online gaming world. Not only rummy but also a lot of other online card games have been developed by popular card game development companies.

Rules for Indian Rummy game

Mostly an Indian rummy game can be played by a maximum of 6 players seated around a table. For a maximum of 6 players, you need to have to full deck of cards. If you include more players in the game you have to add another full deck and a third joker. 

Indian Rummy Gameplay

The player who sits right next to the dealer takes a random card from the deck. This card is considered as ‘wild’ and all cards of that rank are wild for this hand. The dealer then distributes thirteen cards to each player and keeps the rest of the cards over the wild card. In this game, the chosen card and all the Joker cards are considered wild cards. 

Now when all the players have received their cards the next thing they need to do is to arrange their cards. The cards are arranged based on the ranks and suits. In Indian rummy game since two deck of cards are used players are trying to arrange the hand based on sets and runs. So let us see what are sets and runs in the rummy game.

How to form Runs and Sets

A run is formed with cards of the same set and suit. You can also use the wild card to form the run. For example, let us say the cards 2,3 and the joker of the diamond suit can form a run as the joker is a wild card. As an example of the natural run, we can take the heart suit of 5,6 and 7. Then we have sets which are formed with values of different suits. For example, three 5s of heart, spade and diamond forms a set. A wild card can also be used to form a set. Now as we are playing with two decks, a set becomes illegal when the same card to the same suits are placed together. For example, in a hand where there are two queen cards with a heart suit and one spade suit is considered as an illegal set. 

The player sitting left to the dealer takes a card from the pile and can choose to keep it or discard it. Then the game passes on to the next player where he can choose from the closed pile or discard pile. He too can keep it and discard a card which is unnecessary for him. If the game is played for money, the player has the option to pack his cards before the game begins. These packed cards are placed on bottom of the draw pile and are used for the game. In a case where a player leaves in between a game, those cards are not used and are set aside.

How to go Rummy

The game is over when someone calls out rummy. In order to achieve rummy, the player must have a natural set of same suit without a wild card. He should also have another run and the rest of the cards can be set or run. The player then folds his last card face down and calls out rummy. 

Now it’s time to calculate the scores. The aces are having 11 points, face cards and 10 have 10 points and other cards have their face value. The wild card and joker have zero points. The player who called out rummy earn points based on the cards their opponent has. If the opponent has natural runs or sets, those cards are removed and points are calculated based on the value of the remaining cards. If the losing player has no natural run then the rummy player will get points for each card on the opponent’s hand. The player also earns points for quitters and droppers of the game. Then the next player deals and once everyone at the table has dealt their cards the game is over. The winner is the one who has got the highest points.


In India, the online rummy game became so popular and growing results have been observed in the industry. Infocom Studios have been popular as a rummy game development company and have developed in-house as well as client-based rummy game development projects. There are a lot many variations now brought into the online casino gaming industry. Our developers have an interest in research and bring the changes that are effective in the gaming market.

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