June 11, 2021

How to be a gaming commentator?

a gaming commentator with two monitor screens displaying games

To begin the profession of video game commentary, you should have an idea regarding the field of action. The work of video game commentary is something very close to passion. Only if you are truly passionate about this profession success will come close to you. In this blog, let us see how to become a video game commentator and what are the factors you need to consider.

1. Find Your Comfort Space

You need to find a space where you can sit comfortably and record the videos. Being a beginner your first goal is to create more and more contents for your channel. The more content you have the more views you will be getting. Always make sure you are putting the best content on that topic. To engage your followers you need to make quality content with the best effects. Create your unique style of presentation which helps in boosting your brand or name. Feel comfortable while creating or else you might get frustrated with the process.

2. Focus on Video Clarity

Talking about quality, the first thing is the quality of your video. The footages of the gameplay and your own recording video should be clear and appealing. So you have to purchase the necessary gears serving the purpose. Your viewers are also eager to observe what all gears are used by you like the lighting, mic, camera, chairs etc.

Not just that, you also need to be a decent gamer if you are posting gameplay videos. No one is interested to watch a bad gameplay as they are searching mostly to pass a certain level of that game. So make sure you present that well or else skip the gameplay and just review the game.

3. Make it Clear and Audible

We have already mentioned the gears we need for shooting the video. One of the most important things on that list is the mic. There are so many podcast mics available in the market so choose wisely understanding your purpose of the mic. The Blue Yeti mic is a very good option if you could afford to buy it. Even if you manage to make a high-quality video people will not stick to that video if it has bad audio. So investing in a mic would be a wise decision for your startup.

4. Choose the Games Wisely

Don’t go reviewing all the non-sense games published every year. You should be very selective while choosing the games. Learn to do market research before taking any steps or will end up wasting your efforts in vain. Games like Call of Duty and Fortnite have a huge fan base so choosing those games will boost your video. Understand the game and its elements then deliver what excites them most in that game.

5. Preparation Brings Success

Retention is a very crucial factor and you want your followers to be with you always. For this to happen, you must deliver them well-prepared content which they will find informative. Going unprepared won’t hook your followers thereby leading to negative comments and reviews. Preparation will lead to mastery and then to success.

6. Be Consistent

As mentioned earlier, this profession needs immense dedication and passion. Don’t just look for money and fame but have the true spirit of video game commentary within yourself. Only with that mindset, you can be consistent which eventually leads to success. If you are feeling down, take a break but don’t quit. Remember that you have started this because you understand the meaning and purpose of this work. Go on until you touch the success ground.

7. Promote Your Content

Just creating quality content won’t help you grow in this competition. It is your responsibility to check whether your content has reached the right audience. Find effective platforms where you can post your videos or links. Increase your video impressions which you can even achieve by having collaborations with other commentators.

Now you have a clear picture on what all things you need to do before starting a video game commentatory profession. You can also get in touch with game development companies to know about Industry standards.

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