April 29, 2021

How Do Slot Machines Work – Facts and Myths

slot machine

Whenever you think of a casino game, it is obvious if a slot machine comes to your mind. Slot games are so popular all over the world and 70% of casino game lovers have kept slot game as their number one choice in casino gaming. The game has a simple logic but the anticipation created by the game makes it a thriller box. With the advancement of technology, there has been a lot of variations added to the slot machine. Unlike earlier times, new themes with modifications can be seen today. But people have started doubting the working of slot machines. They are confused regarding the payout they receive because of several myths in slot gaming. 

So let us go in-depth to understand what are the myths and facts in the world of slot gaming. We will also know about its working principle and the things we need to check before playing a slot game.

First, let us clear all the confusion that we have in our minds regarding the slot game. The following are the common myths.

Common Myths

  1. Never use the auto spin mode in a slot machine as it won’t bring the right combinations.
  2. The casinos have manipulated the spin process decreasing the chances of win.
  3. Your payout will not be generated even if you win the jackpot.
  4. The use of bonus cards decreases your chances of winning.

There are many others but these are the commonly heard stories. It is true that you need to choose your slot machine wisely. If you are playing the slot game of a reputed slot game provider then you don’t need to worry much. 

If you understand how a slot machine works, most of your confusions will get cleared.

Working of Slot Machine

The idea behind any slot machine is random number generation. There are usually three reels in a simple slot machine with numbers or symbols on it. The right combination of numbers and symbols creates your chances of winning. In online slot gaming, the games are programmed by the developers according to the requirements put forward by the client. So make sure you play slot games on reliable websites and casinos.

How Reputed Casinos Earn Profit

For a reliable casino, they don’t need to cheat their clients with malpractices. This is because the casinos are sure of earning profit in the long term as the graph goes up with time. The event of players winning the chances are less compared to the overall amount collected from all the players. So they will happily provide the winner with their payouts. Moreover, there are chances of losing their licenses if they are reported with any malpractices. They don’t want to take that risk anyway. Also, each live spin is handled by the slot game providers and the casino company cannot interrupt any of the events. The RNG (Random Number Generator) generates the outcome of a spin and thereby there are almost no chances of violations. 


The only thing you need to do as a player is to find a good website or casino to play a slot game. After all, enjoying the game of slots is what matters in the end. 

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