March 10, 2021

How A Mobile App Becomes Popular

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We see lots of mobile applications being released every day and its developers are struggling to make the App go viral. All kinds of services are now having mobile applications and each one tries to become No.1 in its own niche. People believe that just sharing the store link on multiple platforms like social media will do the job. The hard truth is that it won’t simply work that easy. There are certain strategies that need to build and applied to give maximum exposure to the mobile application.

So let us see what are the strategies needed to make your mobile application grow popular.

Social Media

The power of social media is not something new to be explained. Millions of people are now on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Even though our target customers are there on the platform it is hard to gain their attention. People spend a second or two on each post and they scroll through it. So your post should be engaging so that you get the maximum benefit out of it. 

All Social Media sites have promotional features so they would pull you hard to make a spend on promotional activities. It is true that they are highly beneficial but their advertisement costs may not be feasible for all. In that case, you have to create proper planning for promotional activities for every social media site. 

Customer Reviews

The word of mouth is one of the most important aspects of marketing a product. People trust the reviews given by customers of that particular brand. Now how to get good reviews from your customers is what you need to learn. 

There are several tactics through which you can earn good reviews. 

  1. You can ask for feedback from a customer who has already bought a product and been using it for a while. On mobile applications, you can just push pop up asking for feedback, it’s that simple. Make sure you don’t irritate customers with back to back notifications for feedback as it will hinder the user experience.
  2. Conducting periodical surveys is a good opportunity to understand customer interaction with the App. You can bring updations that bind the user to your application.
  3. Even if it is not a gaming application you can add some gaming section to your application which makes it more addictive to your customers. You can also ask for reviews with such creative ideas.

Push Notifications

An effective way to notify the users about the application which they have installed on their devices. It creates an interaction between the User and the App which helps in App retention. Push notifications can be of any kind like setting a reminder, notification on reward points etc. 

Your notifications can also pass some general and informative content related to your App service. The only motive behind a push notification is to make the User get into the App but make sure that you don’t start irritating them.

How To Maintain App Quality

The App should not possess a complicated interface as User Experience is what binds a user to the App.

The app navigation should be done properly which helps Users to find what they are looking for.

Do not fill your App with unwanted information which will unnecessarily create confusions

Periodical updates are vital which brings a fresh feel and smooth performance to the application.

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