June 4, 2021

Sua – The Digital Human from Unity

Sua digital human and Unity Technologies symbol

Digital humans are now trending and are made to serve in various fields. The aim behind the creation of digital humans is to improve the user experience on several platforms. Talking about digital humans in the gaming field, Sua is now the most trending name. Sua is a digital human developed by Unity Technologies and it has been placed as the official icon of Unity Korea.

This virtual human was first released in June 2020. It is produced by On Mind of South Korea and the CEO Hyeong-il Kim introduced its various technological aspects in his online session “Meeting the Digital Celebrity Sua”. The realistic rendering was achieved with Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). It works with advanced principle features such as unified lighting and a physical-based rendering system. The use of High motion capture technology has also been a great factor in giving life to Sua.

On Mind will be trying to make Sua a digital human with multiple talents. She will be considered simply as a fresher who will have to eventually become proficient in all kinds of skills. As of now, Sua is the only digital human making complete movements. 

The real-time rendering in Unity is what makes Sua so special. Mostly, offline rendering is used in animations and movies which requires many hours to show these moving pictures. With real-time rendering, Sua can even interact in 4K live events. The Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) allows making direct changes in the rendering pipeline. Shader Graph’s StackLit Shader was used to render her skin and Hair Shader for her hairs.

An iPhone was used to render her facial expressions which bring real-life feeling to her face. A finger tracking system was created to make sure all movements look natural and common.

We will be able to see more digital human creations in the near future, especially in the service sector. A lot of companies have made investments and are on research to develop the best version of this model. We already avail several AI-based services such as voice recognition, gesture recognition features etc. These digital human services will become widely accepted in all commercial settings in the future. 

Some people might oppose this concept of digital replacement. But as part of technological advancements which make human life more convenient, these innovations will surely take their place.

Games developed in powerful game development engines like Unity can bring better ROI. So are you thinking of making an investment in the game development industry? 

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