December 11, 2020


Its a combination of dazzling variety of games we have developed. Just peek through the range of casino games mentioned below.

  • Bingo : Avail Bingo games at your best choice. Enjoy the wide range at easy access.
  • Horse Race : Enjoy the thrill of riding a race at your comfort that can get pretty exciting, and there are plenty of horseracing games which can give you the racing know-how without ever having to climb into the saddle
  • Horse Race Live : Experience the thrilling sport in its live form from Infocom studios.
  • 3 Dice : A casino game which rocks the spirit of the players.
  • Fun Target : Experience the entertainment and have the benefit of the excitement through fun target casino games
  • Triple Chance : An extremely easy to play game with attractive graphics and additional features. Never overlook or miss it.
  • Free Cell Solitaire:Play Free Cell Solitaire to keep your day going and your mind sharp
  • Tripeaks:TriPeaks Solitaire is a brand new card game experience, filled with fun casino style logic puzzles

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