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Bloxorz space

Bloxorz space is a brainy game, popularly known for its rational problem resolving expertise, involving extensive analysis. Bursting with fun and never tiresome, every minute proves the worth of the game. Play the game with a rectangular block and a jumble of square tiles which take the player to a level where in the last rectangular block will tumble and slide through a single square hole by the end of every phase. A game fully equipped with fun, spatial visualisation and logical thinking skills.


You have ample liberty to shift the block all around by smacking to the left, right, up and down but keep alert not to drop off the boundaries. Falling off the edges means you are back to square one and the game starts again. Bear in mind the target of the game is getting the block drop into the square hole by the finish of each phase.

Bridge and Switch in 'BLOXORZ SPACE'

  • Bridges and switches are positioned at many stages
  • The soft switch and the hard switch are the two types of switches.
  • Switches get triggered whenever they get pushed down by the block.
  • To keep bridges closed, keep off from the switch.
  • Whenever the block squashes, the soft switches get activated.
  • Hard switches get activated only when the block stand on its end as it requires more pressure.
  • Each switch may project a different behaviour as and when required. Some of them may swap the bridges from open to close and back when ever essential, sometimes even creating permanent bridges. Green or red colour squares flash indicating the operation of the bridges.

Caution on White Tiles

  • White tiles are delicate and so easily breakable
  • If a block stands up perpendicularly on a white tile, it may break letting your block fall. So never let a block go upright on a white tile.

Bloxorz Space is a game which churns your interest and your capacity to visualize, driving your logical abilities to the peak. You move through a principle of simple to complex after each level but enthusiastic to tackle the barriers in high spirits. Always bear in mind there are a series of switches to assist you whether it be building bridges or clearing hindrances while moving around the maze.