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Bingo is a game of luck. Players are holders of different cards with numbers already printed on a five by five framework. The cards show five columns with five sub squares each holding a number except the middle squares which is selected as 'FREE' space and each column is labelled 'B','I','N','G','O'. Numbers 1-15(B), numbers 16-30(I), numbers 31-45(N), 46-60(G), and numbers 61-75(O). Now get to trigger off. The winner is the person who completes the 'BINGO' pattern as and when the caller announces the numbers randomly drawn out of the possible 75 numbers.


A very exciting game but coincidence plays the vital role. Every 'BINGO' card has 24 spaces with numbers and one blank space which are important to play the game. The numbers are allotted at random on every card arranged in five columns where each column has a number and a blank space.

The columns are numbered as follows naming 'BINGO'

Numbers 1-15(B), numbers 16-30(I), numbers 31-45(N), 46-60(G), and numbers 61-75(O).

There will be a caller for each game who pick numbers and call out. A player who completes a 'BINGO' pattern either vertically or horizontally or diagonally (row wise) in tune with the announced numbers will be the winner.

The announced numbers will be exhibited on top of the cards. The player should be shrewd enough to mark them swiftly and precisely. The numbers are announced till a player declares ‘BINGO’ or the caller has completed 33 balls. If there is a winner prizes are awarded and a new game starts with new cards.

Bingo cards may have some images and if they are announced, it helps a player to capture extra coins.

Features of 'BINGO'

Free Chips

Free chips to players who play every day

Earn chips for every 40 minutes of game

Share and invite your friends through face book and earn chips


Be lucky to collect random chips while playing and sell them when you run out of chips

Bonus Game

Earn chips by playing memory games. Be confident to be the lucky winner

'BINGO' is not all luck but shrewdness and speed add to make you lucky. Confidence and interest is all you require. 'You will be the Winner'