Wider Audience

Android is one of the most loved platforms with users around the world having access to the platform via smartphones, tablets, etc.

Interactive games offering the best gameplay experience

We are focused on bringing maximum user engagement in games with features like multiplayer and chat options.

2D and 3D games

We develop high-quality 2D and 3D games for Android platforms over different genres.

Developing games for the most popular platform

Android is one of the most popular platforms opted for by game publishers. With a huge user reach around the world, developing games for android platforms is worthy including monetary aspects.

Our team at Infocom Studios has been developing games for the Android platform for over a decade. With our expertise in the field of Android game development, we focus on developing unique game content over different genres.

We create high-quality games in both 2D and 3D for Android users, with a swift and steady performance without lag issues. Our robust and up to date game engines power up the games with feature

With features like live multiplayer gameplay options, connecting with friends via invite option- we develop games that are interactive and ensure maximum player engagement.